Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The ModStyle Shot

Well this is a first of many Mod Style Shot suggestions for photogs!!! 
My goal is to try and provide photographers with an opportunity to have an entire shoot put together.....something mod, trendy, new, and fun!  Since I am a prop designer I keep up with all the new trends on props and can hopefully give all of you the heads up and keep you updated on the New Mod Styles that are surfacing in the prop and photog world!  With that said if anyone has any ideas they would like to see come to life please feel free to email me at chicbebe@bell.net!  I would love to hear any new ideas or style shots that you may have!!!

For this Mod Style Shot we used the Chic BumbleBee Beanie and NEW bum warmer!  These bum warmers are all the new rave and on top of looking super duper cute they are so easy for you photogs!  Drop on a cute little newbie bum and there is no fiddling with a  diaper cover!  Any hat can have a sweet little bum warmer added or if you prefer and like the look of a diaper cover better, you can also request that!

Why don't we start with how this shot looks like behind the scenes!!

The Talented and outstanding McCarthy Photography gave us a behind the scenes look at her set up for this bumble bee shoot!  It is nice to be able to see a pull back shot of what exactly photographers are doing so that you can get an idea and feel for what this looks like behind the scenes and how photogs are getting their end results!

When talking with Natasha from McCarthy Photography her advise on pairing floors with backdrops was to "Try and keep lighter backdrops with lighter floors and darker backdrops with darker floors" this will flow better and help with blending during editing. 

Natasha used floors from PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops for both of these setups.  In the picture below you can see the actual backdrop and floor images embeded into the set up image.  This gives us a great view on how Natasha eyed and paired up the floors and backdrops.

For the specific lowdon on floors and backdrops you will find below all you need to know to order these combos from PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops!

This is the actual backdrop used for the upper set up and is called:
Grunge 86 527X7 ft
This is the actual floor used for the upper set up and is called:
Wood 57 52X7 ft
This is the actual backdrop used for the lower set up and is called:
Grunge 107 52X7 ft
This is the actual floor used in the lower set up and is called:
Wood 227 52X7 ft

So with all this talent Natasha put forth and the super awesome backdrops from PhotoProp Floors and my working little hands working hard on creations here is the final image!

Absolutely Stunning!!!
So cute and so sweet perfect for your spring, summer or Halloween shoot!!!  Who could resist that little stinger stickin' up in the air paired up with that super cute baby squishiness, one couldn't ask for a more perfect picture!

And if you thought this blog was over with great surprises you must guess again!  McCarthy photography is offering a free download on card templates that go super duper cute with this set up plus two more!  Check out these awesome designs!!!

All you have to do is be a fan of McCarthy Phtoography Page in order to download!!!  Please be sure to leave some love on her page as well!  Is so super fantastic that we have photographers as great as Natasha out there sharing her tips and setups!!!!

Also PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops is having a special offer where anyone that orders the specific drops featured in todays ModStyle today through next Tues at 11:59pm EST using the code ChicBebe will receive 10% off the designs featured. 

You can also receive 25% off of your order to one lucky winner of my super cute BumbleBee beanie and Bum Warmer all you have to do is like all of the above pages, and tag ChicBebe in your status telling them all about the new ModStyle Blog!  Please make sure to leave a comment here letting us know that you have liked all three pages:

Please drop by to these fantastic designers to say hello and thank you for sharing!

How to contact and order your backdrops and floors from PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops:
Email: photopropfloors@gmail.com
Blog: http://photopropfloorsandbackdrops.wordpress.com/
FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/groups/photopropfloorsandbackdrops/
Twitter: @PhotoPropFloors
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/photopropfloors/

How to order the super cute Chic little Bumble Bee Beanie and Bum Warmer:

Additional information I have found that you might find usefull for this photoshoot:

Looking for a Bucket please check this page out: Alexa's Closet which has an outstanding source of all things bucket!
Looking for great big blankets for your newborn photograhy!?  Check out this link: Martha Stewart Blankets

Please also have a look at McCarthy photography's Shop for additional infromation on posing newborns to get that super cute sleepy baby look!!!!


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