Tuesday, 6 December 2011

In The Beginning........

When I look at this picture I think I want to just sit on the oposite side of this camera forever!  So innocent and so sweet......life is just beginning and the beauty of the world is just so novel, intriguing and outstanding!  One day I will be old and grey and wish for these days back as I sigh and think "Oh Lord guys....stop arguing, or hurry hurry up and get ready for school......let's go we have to get to dance/hockey/soccer/basketball/swimming/badminton.......  Rushing through bathtime because we took to long doing something else......when really we should be stopping and taking every memory in like a deep breath of fresh air.  Remember every single moment, because one day we will only dream of these moments.   One day I will be old and grey and wonder where has the time gone.....and I will long to hear the laughter of our tiny little kiddies or those arguing voices......to smell the hair of my newborn babies once more and relive every moment. 

Although as I become nastalgic during my last pregnancy and wonder if I will be able to remember these moments....there is something else very rewarding happening.  LOVE is growing between these sweet little beings that my husband and I have created and shaped.  Brotherly LOVE that will never end.......a commradery only a family could build by growing together.  They will have each other always and be there for each other....even when Jeff and I are not.

A sweet Family LOVE that is stronger and more binding than anything else on this earth!  With all my heart this is what I hope for!  This is what I pray for and can only dream of for now.

And an ode to my Sweet Isabel......for now my one and only Daughter.  She Loves with every ounce and every pore of her very being.  She is so passionate and caring, with a spitfire of an attitude that will make her strong and be able to stand up for herself....I know I don't have to worry about this one being pushed around!  ;)  She brought home a piece of work she did at school the other day and they were asked what brings her peace......and her response was (and written on her homework) "Hugging my Mommy!"  ♥ My heart melted and my eyes welled up with water and I said "Oh Isabel....that is just the sweetest thing!" and she looked and me and said "Well you are the best hugger...I love hugging you Mama!"

AND in the end there will be Jeff and I.  When the kids are all grown up and we have searched every part of our soul and taught these children everything that we have to offer.  When they are out searching for themselves and learning of life, and love....making mistakes and learning from them.  Fristly we will be at home praying that they make it out alive!  LOL But we will grow old with all of these beautiful memories that we have built our home and family with......we will have each other and be right back at the beginning again!  xo