Monday, 18 July 2011

PRE-ORDER ONLY THIS YEAR The Chic Long Tail Santa Hat

It is this time again! :D Last year was my first Christmas working in this business and phew! It was CCRRAAZZZY, very stressful and I wanted to make sure that everyone got everything!
This hat was going like crazy....and it was very difficult for me to try and get them done and out and promised for Christmas, on top of Christmas orders for gifts. Sooo....this year will be a pre-order ONLY on this hat and once I am filled up I will not be taking any more orders on this hat. IF......IF I can squeak a few more in and put up on a ChicCommenter or in my Etsy store I will do that for the people who miss out....BUT that is ONLY if I can get them in.

HOW TO ORDER! Visit the Notes Page at ChicBebe
PRICE: 0-3 yrs $34.99
             3-5yrs $39.99
1. You will need to put your name, paypal addy, and size, with your location ie: Canada, US, or INTERNATIOINAL. all in one comment under this note OR on the Pre-Orde Blog.......any comments anywhere else will not be used or taken. The comment must be placed here under the Notes "The Chic Long Tail Santa Hat".
2. ANY questions can be emailed to
Thanks so much for your support! ♥ Corrie ♥


  1. What sizes do you offer for this hat?

  2. Hi Nellie this hat comes in sizes right up to 5yrs. Thanks